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Review of BUG 53

The bi-monthly round-up of the most creative and cutting edge music videos, BUG, returned for its 53rd edition. This was the last show of 2016 and Samuel Fry was there to review it.

The final BUG of 2016 capped off a year of 4 different BUG shows, plus a number of David Bowie specials.

2016 has been a tough year for a number of reasons (the death of Bowie being just one of them), but Adam Buxton and the BUG show remained as consistently entertaining and informative as ever.

I have covered BUG shows on Create Hub a number of times before, buy for anyone that is unaware of the concept, Adam Buxton presents a diverse collection of music videos on the BFIs large screen.

BUG 53 also included an on stage interview with Dawn Shadforth. Shadforth has been a music video director for two decades, during which time she has directed videos for Basement Jaxx, Garbage, Kylie Minogue, Oasis, Goldfrapp, Florence and the Machine, The Streets and many others.

Shadforth explained that it does not feel like 20 years since she directed her first music video for Moloko (Shadforth was Roisin Murphy’s flatmate at the time). Yet, she felt that some of those early videos still held up to modern standards, even if the technology available has greatly improved. During the evening, we watched a number of videos that Shadforth has directed over the years. These included:

“Hush” by Kurt Mantronix, “Special” by Garbage, “All Seeing I” by Walk Like A Panther and “The Importance of Being Idle” by Oasis. Probably most notably, though, was the video that she made was for Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” – a video which could arguably be named as one of the most memorable music videos of the Noughties.

There were a number of other videos that stood out during the evening. In particular, I loved the beautiful show of male bonding in a Parisian tower block that was featured in The Blaze’s video for “Virile“. Also, as surprised as I was to see the return of The Avalanches, I really enjoyed the story of a young boy trying to win a woman’s heart through his dancing in the video for their “Because I’m Me“.

My favourite though has to be the final video of the night: OK Go’s “The One Moment“. The video shows 4.2 seconds of footage slowed down to fit the entire length of the song. A lot happens in those 4.2 seconds, including paint spraying, guns shooting, water bursting and guitars exploding. Yet, when slowed down, the music and the events in the video fit perfectly. If you are going to watch one video from this event – watch that one.

BUG – Let’s hope that 2017 matches up to this year. I. for one, am confident that they will make sure that it does.



BUG 53 – Music Video Playlist

Capital Cities – Vowels

Directors: Remy Cayuela

Production Company: Doomsday Ent / Park Village

Record Company: Capitol

US / France 2016

The Avalanches – Because I’m Me

Director: Greg Brunkalla

Production Company: Stink / Walter Pictures

Record Company: XL Records / Modular

US / Australia / UK 2016

Katie Melua – Perfect World

Director: Karni & Saul

Production Company: Sulkbunny

Record Company: Dramatico

UK 2016

Coco Banana – Earthquaker (Screw Edit)

Director: Simon Landrein

Production Company: Passion

Record Company: Records Collection

France 2016

Bonobo – Kerala

Director: BISON

Production Company: FRIEND

Record Company: Ninja Tune

UK 2016

BadBadNotGood – Lavender

Director: Fantavious Fritz

Record Company: Innovative Leisure

Canada 2016

Kurt Mantronix – Hush

Director: Dawn Shadforth

UK 1996

Garbage – Special

Director: Dawn Shadforth

Production Company: Black Dog Films

Record Company: Mushroom

UK / US 1998

All Seeing I – Walk Like A Panther

Director: Dawn Shadforth

Production Company: Black Dog Films

Record Company: London Records

UK 1999

Kylie – Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Director: Dawn Shadforth

Production Company: Black Dog Fils

Record Company: Parlophone

UK/Australia 2001

Oasis – The Importance of Being Idle

Director: Dawn Shadforth

Production Company: Black Dog Films

Record Company: Big Brother

UK 2005

Infinity Ink – Infinity

Director: Dawn Shadforth

Production Company: Black Dog Films

Record Company: Crosstown Rebels

UK 2013

The Furrow Collective – Wild Hog in the Woods

Director: Chris Cornwell

Record Company: Hudson Records

US / UK 2016

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low

Director: Ian Pons Jewell

Production Company: Nion Tokyo / Robot

Record Company: OWSLA

UK / US / Japan 2016

The Blaze – Virile

Director: Jonathan Alric and Guillaume Alric

Production Company: Standard Films

Record Company: Bromance Records

France 2016

Holy Fuck – Tom Tom

Director: Michael LeBlanc

Record Company: Dependent / Young Turks

Canada 2016

Francobollo – Finally

Director: Sam Bailey

Producer: Sam Bailey

UK / Sweden 2016

OK Go – The One Moment

Director: Damian Kulash Jr

Production Company: Park Pictures

Record Company: Paracadute

US 2016

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