Participatory Production Technologies

Participatory Production Technologies|:||:||:|FilmUser Generated ContentDeveloping digital tools for user-generated content in video production workflowsNorth EastThe Creative Exchange2014

Media production practices are broadening to reflect rapidly-evolving technologies such as video-enabled smartphones and the social web (Facebook, YouTube etc).

This has resulted in phenomena such as ‘user-generated content’, where members of the public produce footage, which is then used in professional productions. An example of this is ‘citizen journalism’, in which newsworthy events are video-captured by members of the public at the event and then submitted to journalists (either directly or via YouTube) – who then use it in their news reports.

Opportunities for other new kinds of production workflows emerge from this model.

This project will examine current procedural and infrastructural shortcomings and the level of provisions in this area in order to identify practical issues faced by public/non-professional ‘user-generated content-producers’.

Author: Samuel Fry

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