Numbers that Matter

Numbers that Matter|:||:||:|Creative BusinessData and ArchivesExploring wellbeing and people’s understanding of data by co-designing a wearable open-data deviceNorth EastThe Creative Exchange2014

Data is too incomprehensible to care about. As such data wrangling has formed an elite. Numbers that Matter’s intention is to make individual community participants aware of the data footprint that is constantly generated and to establish what data (‘numbers’) matter to them.

The aim of the project is to develop insights around civic interests that have a bespoke individual and meaningful resonance, with the intention to inform and potential to influence behaviour through the creation and use of a bespoke wearable device.

We propose to do this by making use of the vast store of open data and linking to diverse sources to enrich and distilling this as a simple but meaningful number. The project aims to make OpenData personal and relevant (serving the individual rather than civic-level participant) and the next phase of activity will be a hack/make day, with the challenge to embody this meaningful data into a wearable or portable device, making the digital physical.

Author: Samuel Fry

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