Mars One Extended

Mars One Extended‏.jpg|:||:||:|TheatreDistributionSeries of astronaut performances inside a Martian capsule accompanied by a livestream and workshopsSouth EastArts Council20142015-02-012015-06-04

Mars One Extended is a series of performances and workshops in Bracknell, Margate and London accompanied by a livestream. Inspired by Mars One, a non-profit organisation that aims to create the first human settlement on Mars in 2024 funded by selling a Big Brother stream of the civilian crew.

As one of the 200,000 applicants, Catharina Golebiowska’s artistic engagement in this controversial subject will involve acting inside a monitored Martian capsule as the chosen astronaut, exploring, educating and debating related topics.

Today’s culture is obsessed with being as close as possible to a media spectacle or updated with new information in real time. I want to research how psychological effects of isolation and the impossibility of real-time video connection with Earth might impact future colonists. Thus, Doing the exact opposite and creating a time-delay, it is a playful approach to time as a medium in itself.

Supported as an UPstream commissioned artist by SHPLive.

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