Chatterbox Analytics Ltd and Queen Mary University of London

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This project will partner Chatterbox with QMUL and the Barbican to produce software to help arts organisations understand and profile their audience via social media, and encourage cultural mobility.

Arts organisations like the Barbican face a challenge: their audience falls into distinct groups which tend not to overlap. Those interested in architecture tend not to interact with cinema or theatre, for example. The Barbican want to increase mobility across cultural sectors, bridging the gaps between these audience groups. For this they must understand audience members’ interests and discover those likely to help drive this mobility, having broader interests and/or more influence on others.

Social media provides an opportunity to do this. Audiences already interact online, posting status updates on social networks and conversing about Barbican content. This interaction contains valuable information about who they are, where their interests lie and who the opinion formers are.

Author: Samuel Fry

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