Cally Calls

Cally Calls|:||:||:|Community ArtsOtherExploring the multiple voices of a very local placeLondonCreativeworks London2014

Cally Calls is a project exploring the multiple voices of a very local place and testing approaches for collective learning about, and dissemination of, local identity. Through this artist-led research we aim to present a distinct and confident voice for ‘The Cally’ to engage meaningfully and productively with our new neighbours.

Seven artists will be paired with seven individuals who live and work in ‘The Cally’. Some might have a life-long relationship with this place, some a more recent one. They will between them form an unscientific representative sampling of age, stage and perspective, and individually each hold a unique knowledge of this place. Each pairing will walk and talk ‘The Cally’ and attempt to distil a definition of place. The artists will bring these unique perspectives to a public outcome through a series of artworks in a public exhibition at the heart of the Cally Festival.

Author: Samuel Fry

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