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Best Art Podcasts

Do you have a passion for art? Love to listen to podcasts? Great, that means that this article is perfect for you! We thought that we would give our guide to the most entertaining and enjoyable arts podcasts available online. Who knows, we might help you find an arts podcast that will become the next phenomenon, like the hugely successful Serial and S-Town shows.


Our Favourite Arts Podcasts

We figured that the best place to start would be to suggest a few of our favourites. So, the following are some popular podcasts that we recommend. Each one is fun, engaging and explores art in its own unique way.


moma a piece of work

MOMA – A Piece of Work

This is a funny, enjoyable and engaging podcast about art. Hosted by comedian Abbi Jacobson, it tackles the questions about modern art that you might have always wanted to ask but felt ashamed to. The show is created by WNYC Studios and Abbi looks at art from MOMA’s (The Museum of Modern Art) collection.

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RA Podcast

Royal Academy of Arts

For those that don’t know, the Royal Academy of Arts is a place where art is made, exhibited and debated. They are an artist-led charity that promotes the appreciation, understanding and practice of art. Naturally, their podcast fits the bill as artists discuss various topics about art.

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TECHnique arts tech

TECHnique Podcast

Well, this is naturally one of our favourites. If you haven’t listened before, then it’s worth mentioning that this podcast features interviews with artists about how they use technology in their work. TECHnique is hosted by Sam Fry and Richard Adams and once a month they speak to a different artist about their work.

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Kermode & Mayo

BBC – Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review

This is a must listen to podcast for film fans. Produced by the BBC, the show features Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo who spend their time reviewing films, interviewing actors and reading emails from their listeners. They describe the show as “Wittertainment” – so how could you miss it?

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man podcast

The Modern Art Notes Podcast

The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a weekly, hour-long interview program featuring artists, historians, authors, curators and conservators. It must be pretty good as, in the words of Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Sebastian Smee, it is “one of the great archives of the art of our time.”

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Art Podcast Award Winners

We’ve suggested some of our favourites, but what do the judges say? The People’s Choice Podcast Awards is the longest running podcast awards event. Each of the winners are voted for by fans and they have given a prize for the “Arts” category every year. We have listed the winners from the last 3 years below:


this american life

2015 Winner – This American Life

We’re not surprised that this won the award at all. This American Life has to be one of the best podcasts around. If you haven’t heard it before, the show is produced weekly and each episode shares a variety of stories based around a theme. They look at each theme in a journalistic way and often include short stories or comedy routines. It is well worth a listen.

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The Beerist craft beer

2016 Winner – The Beerists Craft Beer Podcast

So, this is hardly the most “artistic” podcast, yet it is classified in the “Arts” category. The 2016 winner was John Rubio with his co-hosts Grant Davis, Anastacia Kelly and Mike Lambert, who host The Beerists podcast. In each episode they taste, discuss and judge five beers from around the world.

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we like drinking podcast

2017 Winner – We Like Drinking

So, the drinking theme seems to have continued in 2017, when the winner of the award was the We Like Drinking podcast. Like The Beerists, this features conversations about alcohol. In fact, the presenters talk about all things beer, wine and drink related.

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arts podcast best

Best Arts Podcasts in the Online Charts

Right, we’ve told you our favourites and those that people vote for (even the boozy ones). Yet, what podcasts actually top the charts around the world? The next few shows are top of the iTunes charts in the arts category. We thought that we would show the top podcasts in the UK, US, Australia and according to up-voting site Reddit.


the archers podcast

UK – BBC Radio 4’s The Archers

You’ve not heard of The Archers? Well, simply put, it is the world’s longest-running radio soap opera. For that reason, it might take a bit of time to get into; however, once you do you could well become hooked on this drama, set in rural England.

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Deadly Manners podcast

US – The Paragon Collective – Deadly Manners

This is another fictional story that’s available to listen to. Deadly Manners is a murder-mystery that takes place over 10 episode. The dark comedy is set in the winter of 1954 and it follows the events during the night of the affluent Billings family annual dinner party.

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99 percent invisible

Australia – 99 Percent Invisible

We also mention this one in our round up of the best technology podcasts. The show, presented by Roman Mars, is about the work and thinking behind the things we don’t necessarily notice. 99% Invisible started from Roman Mars’ bedroom and has gone on to become one of the most popular podcasts available.

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Reddit – ArtCurious

So, what do the users of Reddit suggest? Well, one idea mentioned is a show called ArtCurious which explores art history and the unexpected, strange things that have happened in the art world. The host presents it in a very engaging way, so you don’t need to know a huge amount about art to get started.

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Art History Podcasts

So, in summary, you can see from the above lists that there are a number of different types of podcasts in the arts category. If you are looking for podcasts that take a specific take on the area of arts history though, you should probably try shows like A Piece of WorkRoyal Academy of ArtsTECHnique and ArtCurious. Yet, why not have a listen to each of the shows above and see which ones really sparks your interest!


best arts podcast to listen to

How do I listen to podcasts?

We are aware that some people reading this will not be used to listening to podcasts. If that’s you, then you should read the next few sections. We have attempted to summarise a few of the different ways that you can listen to podcasts on the go, whether its on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify or on various Android apps.


Where do I go to listen to podcasts on iTunes?

So, iTunes is most people’s go to place for podcasts. This is accessible through the Podcasts app for iOS, which usually comes pre-downloaded with Apple devices. This makes it is easy to access and you can use it to subscribe, stream and download podcasts.


I have an Android. Which app should I use?

Don’t worry if you don’t have an Apple device – that doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to podcasts. There are many podcast apps that are available for Android devices. A few popular apps are CastBox, Google Play and Stitcher Radio. However, you can also listen to podcasts on web services like SoundCloud and Spotify. If you want to know how to use those then read on!


Can I listen to arts podcasts on Spotify?

Yes! So, Spotify actually allows you to listen to thousands of podcasts on their app. Some of these episodes are featured each week, but they also allow you to browse podcasts by categories and to save podcasts offline so that you can listen to them later. They have also introduced Spotify Connect which allows you to stream Podcasts to different devices.


What about SoundCloud? Can I listen to podcasts there?

Absolutely. Something that you may not realise is that often people host their actual podcast on SoundCloud and then use it as a feed to iTunes. Naturally, that means that listening to podcasts on SoundCloud is pretty easy. You can search and find podcasts by category. The only catch is that the podcast needs to use SoundCloud in some way so not every podcast will be available there.

Want to host a podcast? Well, you can easily do this using SoundCloud. You can upload your episodes and link them to services like iTunes so that others can download them there too.

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