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Interview with the 3D Printer and Laser Cutting Designer

How are new technologies changing the world of product design? Rentaro Nishimura is constantly confronting that question as he creates jewellery and other products with 3D printers and laser cutters. Create Hub filmed him talking about this innovative business.



On Tuesday 7 October, in his studio in Cockpit Arts Holborn, Create Hub filmed Rentaro talking about his innovative product design company. This is part of a Video Production Service that Create Hub is able to offer.

By applying structural knowledge and simple skills to his designs, Rentaro Nishimura cleverly transforms 2D materials into 3D objects that will be an enjoyable experience in everyday lives and to enhance the interior space.

The transcript of the interview can be read below.


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Interview with Rentaro Nishimura

My name is Rentaro Nishimura and I am a product designer. I set up my business five years ago and I create small products using digital technologies like laser cutters and 3D printers.
For this kind of product, I used acrylic sheets and cut them with a laser cutter and people can self assemble them. Like this, where I have created different colours.
This product was also created with a laser cutter. For this one, I was inspired by wood joinery, as my background is in architecture. This product is created using a 3D printer. This 3D printer produces this zig-zag pattern which gives it a flexible function. By using a magnet people can wear this one quite easily and it’s flexible.
And then this bird is also created with the laser cutter. This comes from my background, the Japanese origami: folding paper. I used the sheet of polypropylene material to create this bird mobile structure.
People can find my products on my website They can find me on my website or on Twitter.


This video was produced by Create Hub. For more information about this, visit their Video Production Services page.

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