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Beatwoven – Interview with the Innovative Textiles Label

What would happen if you translated music into digital patterns and then turned these into woven pieces? That is exactly what Nadia-Anne Ricketts’ company BeatWoven does. Create Hub filmed her talking about this innovative business.


On Tuesday 7 October, in her studio in Cockpit Arts Holborn, Create Hub filmed Nadia-Anne Ricketts talking about her textiles label. This is part of a new video production service that Create Hub is offering.

BeatWoven® is a multi-award winning digital textiles label. As a client you can select digital music or sound (MP3) that founding artist Nadia-Anne Ricketts translates, using specially designed BeatWoven audio technology, into luxury bespoke woven pieces for use in interior spaces.

The full transcript of the interview can also be read below.


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Interview with Beatwoven

I am Nadia-Anne Ricketts and I am the founder of an innovative textiles business label called BeatWoven.
BeatWoven translates music, or sound, through its own bespoke software into digital patterns which are then fused with weaving. I came up with the idea in 2008, started my own practice full-time in 2012 and started trading this year in April 2014.
I start with the music and translate this music through my own bespoke software into digital patterns. I then take those patterns and try and visualise the music as well, getting colours and textures. I take those patterns and send them off to a mill where they are then woven and sent back to me. It will then either be a piece of fabric, or the fabric can be made into something.
An example of a piece of work that I have done recently was for an exclusive collection at Harrods. I chose the story of hopes, dreams and fantasy for the home. I then chose music from “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles and “It’s a Kind of Magic” by Queen and used those pieces of music to create the patterns for the textiles.
People can get in touch with me through my website at and they can contract me directly through my email or my mobile number. We can arrange a coffee, or they can come to my studio and we can take it from there.


This video was produced by Create Hub. For more information about this, visit their Video Production Services page.

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