Natasha Tskakos Interview – Part Three

Natasha Tsakos

The conceptual director and performer shares her creative vision


Continued from Part Two…


I’ll have to keep an eye out for that campaign. Is that already live?

No. We are still developing and figuring out everything. We plan on launching it within the next month or two.

Actually, I remember something about Joshua Foer’s TED talk. He talks about using vibrant, exaggerated images to make remembering easier. Are you looking to use similar imagery then?

Yes, as well. There are lots of areas to explore. At this point it is a desire to implement these changes. The next step is to really plan the procedure so that all the data that we are projecting is memorable.

What kind of data are you planning to collate?

I’ll start with the obvious ones. World populations, animal populations, data around countries governments across the world. All this data will then be pulled in. There will also be certain sequences where the data will become the visual. That’s numbers or texts. Live visuals in real-time.

It sounds very interesting. Are you planning on coming to England at some point?

Yes, I would love to.

What is stopping you?

Nothing is preventing us. We just need an invitation from someone who says, “Hey! Come. We have a theatre.”

I’ll try and spread the word. Talking about technologies: Are there any technologies that have been particularly challenging to use?

Personally it’s the people applying the technology. It is finding the right people who are disciplined and stick around. They must have the vision. It is very common to find people who are very enthusiastic but they are not quite good enough. So, it’s not necessarily the technology as that is already there. It is finding the thoroughness in the people that apply the technology. That is why when you build your team it is one of the most exciting things. They are your family of experts and that allows you to dream even bigger.

It’s important to have that closeness. Something I asked Perth Theatre Company recently was whether they try to impose anything on their audience. Is there anything you want your audience leaving with?

I don’t like the word impose. I don’t want to impose anything. It is interesting, we are almost going in full circle back to your first question, “What do you do?” I share with the audience. It’s a feeling; It is sensations. Impressions. That is why my work is the way it is. It has no words. There is a lot of music. It has a certain speed… It is up to the individual to absorb what he or she wants. But for me it transcends and life transcends words. It is guttural and emotional.

I think you are right, “impose” is rather a strong words. Similarly, Perth Theatre Company said that they wanted to put images out there that people could interpret for themselves. Do you think that one of the opportunities, through creating these innovative theatre pieces, that technology makes this open enough for people to take what they want from a piece?

I don’t think it is the technology. It is the style. It doesn’t depend on the technology. Technology allows you to better tell the story: to really augment the definition of your story. And that is really exciting for me. Technology can really manifest what you are dreaming and we can really share that with the audience right now.

Finally, what is next for you? What is next for Natasha Tsakos? You seem so busy that is probably hard to see beyond the next year. Is there anything else you would like to experiment with in the future?

I have a very exciting project that I am just starting which consists of becoming the 7 Billion people on this planet in a very short amount of time, using 3D body projection mapping. The research will be fascinating. In the long run what is most exciting for me is the idea of creating performances for out of space environments. Working in outer space Sam. And of course: any project that comes along, that is challenging- new and out of the box. That’s what motivates me.

Amazing, I remember hearing that you wanted to go into out of space as a child.

Yes, exactly!


This interview took place on Monday 16 September 2013 over Skype. Natasha Tsakos was in Miami, Florida; Samuel Fry was in London, England. For more information on Natasha Tsakos visit her website.


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