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Eighth episode of TECHnique podcast on Sound Design

Create Hub release a new TECHnique podcast on the theme of Sound Design.


Create Hub have released a new episode of  their monthly TECHnique podcast. This episode is hosted by Richard F Adams, who talks to the notable composer, sound designer and audio director Paul Weir about Sound Design in video games, retail and theatre.

TECHnique is a podcast which includes conversations with artists about their work, how they have approached it using technology and what they learnt during that process. The previous episodes of TECHnique have covered a variety of artistic subjects, including: Interactive PlaysArt PracticeGamingSmall BusinessTwitterBotsDeath of Painting and the Future of Love.

The new episode, called “Sound Design” is primarily an interview between Adams and Weir. Adams introduces the episode, by explaining that they will talk about the history, present and future of audio. Paul Weir introduces himself by stating that “I do anything if it involves sound in any form” but “more than half of my work is in video games”. Yet, this is underselling Weir’s skills as he is actually highly acclaimed for his experience in audio.


Paul Weir on sound in gaming, retail and theatre

Paul Weir is known for his work in games, generative audio, radio and audio books. His last released game project, No Man’s Sky, sold over 2 million copies and was widely acclaimed for its audio design. He has soundtracked over forty games in a wide range of musical styles and through The Sound Agency, created award winning generative music sound installations for brands such as Harrods, Vienna Airport and Mall of Scandinavia.

In the podcast, Adams and Weir talk explore many of the areas of sound design that he has been involved in, giving particular attention to gaming, generative audio and directional sound.

In the podcast Weir explains that he spends a lot of his time exploring the audio identity of different companies, explaining to them that “this feels suitable for where you’re brand is and this is not suitable” which acknowledging that “a lot of brands haven’t even considered what their audio brands should be.” Weir goes on to explain that “we would say that you ought to have an audio identity everywhere.” Throughout the episode, the pair discuss Weir’s use of sound to create audio identities for whatever company or project he is working on.


Sound Design Podcast

The episode is called “Episode 8 – Sound Design” and it is available on iTunesSoundCloud and most podcasting apps. The podcast is the June 2017 episode of the monthly podcast.


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