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12 experts share their insights into Art and Technology as the two become ever more closely intertwined.

Create Hub announces the third year of their Industry Experts programme.

For the third year running, Create Hub is proud to present its annual Industry Experts scheme. This year sees the return of many experts from the previous two years, as well as new faces for 2017. The participants all work in the creative or technological sectors, and are ready to share their unique perspectives of their areas of work.

The Scheme

From March until December, Create Hub will publish one article per week penned by one of our team of experts. These articles may focus on specific projects or points of interest in the particular expert’s work, or they may be broader in scope, considering challenges that exist far outside their place of work. They will all be connected, however, by a passion for the arts or a love of technology.

Subjects may include: gaming, broadcasting, social media, creative business, creating fiction and much more besides.

Our Mission

Create Hub intends to bring art and technology news to a new audience. With such a range of experts, perhaps an aspiring artist can be inspired to utilise technology in their work, or a programmer swayed to explore more creative avenues.

Both art and technology are vital to the world we live in, and whether one or both topics interest readers, the Industry Experts scheme will be able to cater for them, and expand their horizons.

Naomi Curston, Editor for Create Hub, comments: “At least in the wider public view, the disciplines of art and technology still seem to be viewed as totally separate. Schemes like this are an opportunity to demonstrate that one doesn’t have to limit oneself to being a ‘creative person’ or a ‘scientific person’. By opening up this discussion via the expertise of the Industry Experts, the nuances of this can be better explored, and the audience are given the opportunity to challenge perhaps deeply ingrained notions about the two fields.”

Samuel Fry, Founder of Create Hub, comments: “Artists and cultural organisations need to share their approaches to technology challenges, if the industry as a whole is to progress in the digital age. In that respect, this programme is important as it offers a platform for artists and cultural professionals to share their insights in an open and honest manner. We are delighted to have brought together this amazing group of experts to share their knowledge this year.”

The Experts

  • Dave Jarman / University of Bristol
  • Samuel Fry / Create Hub
  • Richard Adams / Digital Consultant
  • Martin Franklin / London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Rebecca Evans / Write-Track
  • Adam Clarke & Victoria Bennett / The Common People
  • Rebecca Bartlett / Nymbol
  • Marcus Lilley / Swindon Theatres
  • Bhavani Esapathi / The Invisible Labs
  • Robert Fannin / UWE Lecturer and Novelist
  • Rupert Bathurst / Tea-Powered Theatre
  • Lee Stone / BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Author: Naomi Curston

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