Preface from the Editor


Preface From the Editor


I spend my time watching the future.

Now, that may seem a pretty strange thing to say. How can you watch something that doesn’t exist yet? One hundred years ago you would have been right. To say something like, “I watch the future”, then would have been up there with “I eat dog food for breakfast; it’s a great source of protein.” The trouble is, we don’t live one hundred years ago.

Back then we would look to the past for inspiration. That idea that if you study the past you can predict the future. It all seems much more messy now. As Don DeLillo wrote in Cosmopolis: “Computer power eliminates doubt. All doubt rises from past experience. But the past is disappearing. We used to know the past but not the future. This is changing. We need a new theory of time.” We can now see what’s coming clearer and clearer with every invention. What we don’t always know is what that means.

I set about creating this website to explore the future. Of course we will ask questions about “what”, “how” and “why” when new creative technologies are developed. But just as crucially, we will probe into other areas, such as “how do these technologies help us understand ourselves better?”

Create Hub will explore those beautiful collaborations between art and creative technology.

This site, and those that spiral from its centre, looks to inspire new technologies — but also to comment on creative people and the films, shows, music, stories, games, and other things that they make. We will go behind the work and get into the guts of their creativity. Exploring the intimacy of a creative process, but also delving into the bigger issues around the people, companies, and industries that make creative ideas happen.

So, I’ll be watching the future. I hope you’ll join me.

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