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First TECHnique Meetup announced at IBM

Create Hub’s first artist networking event run, TECHnique Meetup, will be taking place at IBM in London.


Are you an artist? Do you use technology in your work? Then Create Hub’s first ever networking event for artists might be for you.


Networking event for artist using technology

TECHnique Meetup is a free networking event for artists using technology. Hosted in IBM’s Soutbank office, the event looks to bring together London’s best artists, designers, creative technologists, computer and digital artists.

The event will also explore the theme of artificial intelligence. It will start with a discussion about the question: “Will artificial intelligence change the creative process of artists?”. Richard Adams, will host a panel which includes the 2017 Lumen Prize winner for Artificial Intelligence, Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm, and IBM Digital and Cognitive Leader Tracey Gilbert.

You can sign up for the free event here.


Artificial Intelligence and Art

The aim is to provide a space for you to meet other artists and hear about their work. There will also be a chance to meet some of IBM’s designers and learn about some of the artistic works being created with technologies like the Artifical Intelligence platform IBM Watson.

Samuel Fry, who works for IBM and is the Founder of Create Hub, explains that: “This is an exciting opportunity to bring together some of the UK’s best artists and to share experiences of creating art with technology. Artificial Intelligence is extremely exciting for many industries and I look forward to hearing from artists about their hopes, fears and vision for the technology.”

The event is the first networking event under the name “TECHnique”, Create Hub’s event series which has previously featured talks at Google Campus London and the V&A Museum. TECHnique is also a podcast which includes conversations with artists about how they are using technology. The previous episodes of TECHnique have covered a variety of artistic subjects, including: Interactive PlaysArt PracticeGamingSmall BusinessTwitterBotsDeath of PaintingFuture of LoveSound DesignDementiaBroadcasting and Digital Storytelling. For more information, visit



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