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Script launches grant-funded Album-App

Music and Content agency Script have just announced the release of an innovative, new album-app for Francois & The Atlas Mountains. Supported by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts, this could have a major influence on the future of how we engage with music albums.


Francois & The Atlas Mountains

Script have just announced the release of their new album-app for Francois & The Atlas Mountains. The app is designed to re-integrate everything that feels lost from the old days of physical albums (artwork, lyrics, tour dates, credits) now that most people download their music.

This is a proof of concept and is the first that we have seen of Script’s grant-funded Research and Development project. They are exploring the viability of the app as a format for music distribution.  This research is supported by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts and it was produced in collaboration with the band, Domino Records and Agency Mobile.

Back in December, Create Hub Editor Samuel Fry interviewed Jonathan Shakhovskoy from Script about this project. Shakhovskoy explained at the time that this project is investigating “the commercial, technical and artistic aspects” surrounding the idea of music apps replacing album downloads.


Examples of Album Apps

During that same interview, Shakhovskoy openly acknowledged that the idea of music albums as apps is not a new one. He explained that Bjork’s Biophilia was one of the first albums to do this, while the likes of Peter GabrielGwilym Gold and Lady Gaga have also experimented in this area since.

Many people feel that there are too many commercial obstacles to overcome before this format can be fully adopted. Script are looking to create and test a good digital format, that serves both artist and the consumer.

Shakhovskoy explained further that, “If we can prove it’s financially viable to create and distribute album-apps then I think we’re into very exciting territory.”

He continues, “What if an album wasn’t just representative of a moment in time but became a container for a whole creative process from writing to production to mixing to touring. That’s a long period of engagement which changes the artist-fan relationship. Yes you can put all that on a website, but through an app you can monetize and protect that release which is essential.”

This is just the start. For Jonathan Shakhovskoy, this exploration isn’t necessarily just about mobile: “For me, it’s mostly about SmartTVs and tablets. An album-app becomes a hugely exciting idea on a SmartTV when it contains hi-def video and audio, is gesture controlled, is internet-connected, a gateway to buy tour tickets and merchandise whilst you look at artwork and listen to the album.”



This is the first iteration of the album app and it features the unique Suntracker function based on Francois’ artwork. Customers can use the Suntracker to discovering exclusive content and lots of exciting extras.

Available only on Apple devices initially, the album-app is available either as a deluxe version including free download of the complete album mp3s, or as a lite version (extras only).

Francois, from Francois & The Atlas Mountains, explains all about the new music app:



This project is is supported by NestaArts Council EnglandArts and Humanities Research Council as part of the Digital R&D fund for the arts. Also read Samuel Fry’s full interview with Jonathan Shakhovskoy.

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