Music Mashups And Projection Mapping

Bringing together culture and technology, mashups between artists spurn some amazing collaborations. Miles Polaski’s new installation demonstrates its best elements through projection mapping.

For those that don’t know, a mashup is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs. The genre is the perfect opportunity for cultural juxtaposition and technical innovation. Recent mashups have made use of expensive audio-manipulation software to bring artists like Korn and Taylor Swift and Jay-Z and The Beatles together.

When it is done right, the results are amazingly gratifying.

Now, Miles Polaski has set up an installation that encompases almost everything magnificent, gratifying, and empowering about mashup culture. The project is called “The MASHine”.


Miles Polaski

Polaski’s installation is a two-part interactive audiovisual mashup factory living at the William King Museum in Abdington, Virginia.

The first part is a box that is covered in 42 red and black buttons. Each button activates either an instrumental or vocal sample. The box is also connected to an elegant projection equalizer which pulses and flashes to the beat of the music. The buttons can produce over 400 different mashup combinations, conforming to the creative whimsy of anybody with enough fingers (or friends) to push the buttons.

All of this was covered by an interesting, GIF-heavy, post on Tumblr blog Prosthetic Knowledge.


Music Mashup

Helpfully, Miles Polaski has published a video that showcases this project.

In the video, you can see the process of projection mapping the visualizer onto a blank wall, followed by the entranced faces of museum-goers giving the MASHine a whirl.

The apparent randomness of the songs selected by pressing buttons is what makes this so interesting. The attendees of the exhibition are clearly enjoying themselves as they select unlikely combinations. Often it is the most unlikely mashups are the best.


Interactive Audio and Visual Installation

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