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Twelfth episode of TECHnique podcast explores Magic

Create Hub release it’s newest TECHnique podcast, featuring an interview with Stuart Nolan about his work in art, science, technology and magic.


The October episode of Create Hub’s monthly TECHnique podcast has been released today. This month’s edition is primarily a conversation between Richard Adams and the magician and performer, Stuart Nolan.

TECHnique is a podcast which includes conversations with artists about how they are using technology. The previous episodes of TECHnique have covered artistic topics, including: Interactive PlaysArt PracticeGamingSmall BusinessTwitterBotsDeath of PaintingFuture of LoveSound DesignDementiaBroadcasting and Digital Storytelling.

The new episode, simply called “Magic”, is a discussion about Stuart Nolan’s career as a technologist that has always been interested in magic and performance. Having been funded by Nesta to explore the concept of “Applied Magic”, Stuart has gone on to teach, perform and talk about magic in various places. More recently, Stuart has also began writing books and is currently working on a project called “One Thousand Mindreaders”, a year-long collaborative artwork during which he will train one thousand new mindreaders.


Stuart Nolan on art, magic and illusion

Stuart Nolan is a Magician with a background in cell biology, interactive media and experience design. He explains, in the episode, that he first became interested in the link between magic and software after reader a paper called, “Magic and Software Design” by Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini. The paper argued that no art is as similar to graphical interface design as magic, as it creates an illusion for the user. This really stuck with Nolan, who was interested in technology and magic, but in his own words, “I kind of selfishly didn’t want to give up on either of those things.”

Stuart, who has since been the Magician in Residence at Pervasive Media Studio, also developed the friendly mindreading technologies IdeoBird and OuijaBird which he describes during the episode.


Magic Podcast

The episode is called “Episode 12 – Magic” and it is available on iTunesSoundCloud and most podcasting apps. The podcast is the October 2017 episode of the monthly podcast.

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