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First TECHnique podcast on Interactive Plays

Create Hub release the first episode of their TECHnique podcast.

Having announced their new podcast last week, Create Hub have released the first episode which is themed around Interactive Plays.

The podcast is called TECHnique and following an initial teaser episode, the first episode features an interview with Seth Kriebel, the Producer of “The Unbuilt Room” and “A House Repeated”. Samuel Fry, who presents the episode, asks Seth about his process of creating plays where the audience decide where to go to next.

Kriebel explains that his production of “A House Repeated” is “something between a game and a performance.” In his mind, “It’s not a game because you cannot win. The upside of that is that you also cannot lose. But it feels like a game and the audience is very participatory.”

During the 22 minute episode, Fry asks Kriebel about the notion of Interactive Plays, about Kriebel’s process, plus the differences between “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories and “Text Adventure” computer games.

The episode is called “Episode 1 – Interactive Plays” and it is available on iTunesSoundCloud and most podcasting apps.

The podcast is the first of a 6 episode series, which will cover other topics such as art practice, gaming, theatre, small business and Twitterbots. The episodes are hosted by Samuel Fry and Richard Adams, who both write as part of Create Hub’s Industry Experts programme. The are being released in the build up to an event at Google Campus London in August which anyone can register for free on Eventbrite.

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