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Fourth episode of TECHnique podcast on Small Business

Create Hub release the fourth episode of their TECHnique podcast.

Having released three previous episodes (on Interactive PlaysArt Practice and Gaming) Create Hub have released the third episode of TECHnique which is themed around Small Business.

This podcast features two interviews.

The first is with the Managing Partner of Gravity Thinking, Andrew Roberts. Gravity Thinking are a small marketing agency who look to create value for their clients by creating value to the consumer first.

The second interview is with Steve Taylor, who works with small businesses and start ups – helping them to grow into fully established enterprises.

This is the second episode presented by Richard Adams. Adams investigates technology and how it impacts small businesses. He specifically looks at businesses that naturally work with technology, such as marketing agencies.

Investing in Technology Knowledge

Adams explains that clients expect technologically driven solutions, but unlike large corporations small businesses don’t typically have the available time and budgets to invest in understanding new technologies.

Andrew Roberts explains that “one of the benefits of being a small business is you can keep up with technology in a more agile way.” He carries on to say that “you can explore and experiment” in a proactive way with clients. During the podcast Roberts explains how Gravity Thinking demonstrate the difference between them and “the big boys” by showing a different mindset when approaching technological innovation.

Adams asks Steve Taylor a about his observations about how start-ups approach technology.

In particular, Taylor references the Arts Council and Nesta’s Digital R&D Fund: which brought together an arts organisation, a technology partner and a researcher to innovate in the arts. Taylor explains that, in that programme, the technology partners often dominated the arts organisations in terms of pricing and the project management “had holes in it”. In those situations, Taylor advised that the arts organisation brought in a technology advisor on a part-time basis to help them in these situations.

The episode is called “Episode 4 – Small Business” and it is available on iTunesSoundCloud and most podcasting apps.

The podcast is the fourth of a 6 episode series. The next couple of weeks will cover the topics of painting and Twitterbots. The episodes are being released in the build up to the free TECHnique event at Google Campus London in August.


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