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Two Skype-friendly artists have founded karaoke, an online karaoke project where anyone can take part in.

Who says that you need to leave the house to belt out your favourite karaoke tracks? Kyoung Kim and Daniel Rouke certainly don’t think that is the case, as they have founded karaoke: an online karaoke project which anyone can take part in.

The idea is quite simple. You sign into Skype and sing karaoke duets (or quartets) with other fans of the concept. The pair have compared it to chat roulette, if it “was entirely musical and you get how things are matched”.

The artists Kyoung Kim and Daniel Rourke did not start this with any particular plan. But now, three years later, they’re still singing to Belle and Sebastian on YouTube. What is more, they are not alone.

The artists continue to synchronize singers in different time zones, but now they also do GLTI.CH Breaks events where DJs located in different parts of the world mix together in a basement, a bedroom, or a pub full of drunks.


Glitch Karaoke

Kyoung Kim and Daniel Rouke

The project came about after Kyoung Kim and Daniel Rouke had been swapping stories over a few pints.

Having lived in Korea and Japan, they talked about missing karaoke in both countries. Unlike karaoke bares in the United States or the UK, which force a spotlight on the singer, they felt that karaoke in Korea and Japan is all about friends, food, drink and singing in a raucous manner. It’s more about sharing fun with people, not isolating them.

Missing karaoke in Korea, Kyoung Kim had been getting her fixi by singing YouTube karaoke videos with her sister over Skype. Astounded that nobody had given a name to “singing karaoke over Skype”,  and having kept an eye on the amazing stuff the GLI.TC/H community was doing at the time, the pair decided to setup their own website as a kind of homage to them.



This works by using free software like TinyChat or Google Hangouts to link up at least two disparate locations and orchestrate karaoke duets over the internet. They use fan made karaoke versions of pop tunes from YouTube.

Kim and Rourke explain that preparing for a karaoke session can be a bit of a scramble. They test and design a number of back-up plans that only work about 30% of the time in attending the actual glitches that manifest.

Rourke feels that it is in that scramble that the “art” of the project begins in their desire to dance with failure. He explains that, “The most exciting elements of the project come out of realizing how many variables there are in organizing something so simple, especially if you have a group of drunk karaoke enthusiasts at one end, say in Liverpool, and an old pizza restaurant in a London shopping mall at the other. The thing that remains stable—getting people to sing duets—is surrounded by all this other stuff that we, as the hosts, have to juggle. Let’s just say we are both very adept at keeping a crowd entertained.”


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