First Artificial Intelligence Visual Search for UK Arts Sector

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Artimage announce first AI visual search tool for the UK Arts sector



A ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) visual search tool – the first within the UK arts space – has been launched by AI specialist Visii for digital image licensing platform Artimage.

Disrupting keyword search, Visii’s intelligent visual search tool gives users the power to discover artworks they’ll love based on their visual preferences. Through successive artwork selections, Visii returns visually personalised results, making browsing even large catalogues an easy, fast and highly engaging process. Users can focus on a subject, an artwork’s composition or an artist’s style, without needing to describe it or know of its existence; meaning discovery of hidden gems now becomes possible and easy.


Using Artificial Intelligence to learn about user preferences

Visii uses advanced artificial intelligence methods to infer users’ interests and generate visually relevant results. Its deep learning technology analyses thousands of visual descriptors within each image, the comparison of which is incredibly fast, returning results from large catalogues in less than 350 milliseconds.

For a service like Artimage within the picture library industry, this will completely transform the user experience and how users and picture researchers can explore the full artist collection and discover new artworks for their licensing needs. Anyone can enjoy and discover new artworks using the intelligent visual search tool.

Artimage showcases and licenses a growing repertoire of over 15,000 images of exceptional modern and contemporary art from nearly 150 renowned UK and international artists including Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon and Tracey Emin.


A more natural and engaging method of discovery

George Whitelaw, Chief Technology Officer at Visii said, “With the abundance of images online and often only highly structured ways to search them, we wanted to create a more natural and engaging method of discovery – making the focus of the process the images and how customers recognise them. We’ve worked with the Artimage team to build an intuitive experience that will allow both people who have a particular artwork in mind, and those that are looking for inspiration to find that perfect piece.”

Victoria Hooper, Head of Artimage said, “It is important for us to develop an innovative service and stay on pace with new technology for how our users will operate today and in the future. Visii’s intelligent visual search will greatly benefit artists by creating new ways to connect users with their repertoire.”

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