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Eleventh episode of TECHnique podcast covers Digital Storytelling

Create Hub release a new TECHnique podcast, an interview with Hazel Grian about her career as a producer, writer and digital storyteller.


A new episode of Create Hub’s monthly TECHnique podcast has been released. This episode is hosted by Richard Adams, who speaks to the interactive writer Hazel Grian about her career and her thoughts on the concepts of digital storytelling.

TECHnique is a podcast which includes conversations with artists about how they are using technology. The previous episodes of TECHnique have covered artistic topics, including: Interactive PlaysArt PracticeGamingSmall BusinessTwitterBotsDeath of PaintingFuture of LoveSound DesignDementia and Broadcasting.

The new episode, called “Digital Storytelling” works through Hazel Grian’s career, including her work as Artist in Residence at HP Labs, as Creative Director at Aardman Digital, as a senior resident of the Pervasive Media Studio and her experiences of creating Alternate Reality Games (ARGs). They speak about digital and storytelling.


Hazel Grian on digital, storytelling and innovation

If you were to ask what Hazel Grian does in her career, she might struggle to pin it down to one thing. This new TECHnique podcast starts by exploring that as Grian explains her thoughts in one of her opening statements, explaining that “the actual vocabulary, choosing what words to use, how do you describe it – this thing – is it a thing? But Digital Storytelling seems to be okay so we’ll go with that.”

During the podcast the pair discuss the process of storytelling using technology. Hazel Grian explains that the rules that she learnt in street theatre have influenced everything else that she has created since. Street theatre and digital stories are essentially the same to Hazel, “because you are appearing in people’s lives, in their everyday spaces. Whether it is on their computers when they are doing other business or on their phones when they are out and about.”

Digital Storytelling Podcast

The episode is called “Episode 11 – Digital Storytelling” and it is available on iTunesSoundCloud and most podcasting apps. The podcast is the September 2017 episode of the monthly podcast.

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