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Awards announced for Archives Theme


Creativeworks London recently announced that they have awarded the fifth round of projects on their Creative Voucher Scheme. The theme for this round was Archives, as the scheme looked for projects that curate and preserve digital assets.

The Creative Voucher Scheme is the biggest of Creativeworks London’s three initiatives, with £1 million pounds worth of vouchers to be given out to support creative and cultural companies to develop collaborative research projects with an academic partner. This was the fifth round of calls from Creativeworks London and they were looking for projects that involved “Archives”.

The archive theme was fairly open, as Creativeworks London were happy to consider a variety of topics. These included:

  1. The increasing digitising of cultural assets to create archives
  2. The potential to link archives to consumers and other interested parties
  3. Digital curation in its widest sense
  4. Archives preservation
  5. Informal or hidden/unrecognised archives
  6. Archives as assets

The awards went to eight small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Each award will support London’s businesses and academics in developing projects to ultimately have a positive effect on London’s Creative Economy. Therefore, it would be worth keeping an eye on each of these projects as they could have a great impact on other art companies.

The award winning businesses were:


Are you interested in Creativeworks London’s Creative Voucher Scheme? Visit their website or contact @samueljfry for more information about funding programmes for technology projects in the arts.

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