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Fifth episode of TECHnique podcast on Twitterbots

Create Hub release the fifth episode of their TECHnique podcast.

Following on from their previous four episodes (on the subjects of Interactive PlaysArt PracticeGaming and Small Business), the newest episode of the TECHnique podcast is about what it takes to create a Twitterbot.

This episode follows a slightly different format to previous weeks as Sam Fry interviews his housemate, Tobias Phillips, about his feelings towards a Twitterbot that has been created based on his personality.

Phillips explains at the beginning that, “this experiment should be removed from existence” as “people think that it is me!”

During the half hour podcast, Fry asks Phillips about his opinion concerning tweets that the bot has shared: from its favourite band, its views on Arsenal FC and its feelings towards the newest advances in technology.

Twitterbot version of a housemate

“I wasn’t trying to create a version of you”, Fry explains. Instead he attempts to create a separate entity with the same interests as his housemate, who just so happens to share Tobias’ name and face.

This isn’t the first time that Create Hub have featured this story, of course.

Samuel Fry initially wrote an article called “The Emotional Effect of Creating a Twitter Bot”, in which he explains that: “When I explain the process of creating a TwitterBot, I think of my role as something like a Dr Frankenstein. I had something in mind for the Bot that I was creating; however, I am as surprised as anyone else what he decides to write. Sure, there are constraints to his writing but the choices are always a surprise.”

The episode is called “Episode 5 – Twitterbots” and it is available on iTunesSoundCloud and most podcasting apps.

The podcast is the fifth of a 6 episode series. Next week is the final episode, where the topic will be painting. The episodes are being released in the build up to the free TECHnique event at Google Campus London in August.


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