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Tenth episode of TECHnique podcast discusses Broadcasting in the Arts

Create Hub release a new TECHnique podcast, which includes conversations about broadcasting, archiving and creating digital art.


Create Hub have released a new episode of their monthly TECHnique podcast. This episode is hosted by Samuel Fry who talks to, the former London Philharmonic Orchestra Digital Projects Manager, Martin Franklin about his art and his work as a digital leader in the cultural industries.

TECHnique is a podcast which includes conversations with artists about how they are using technology. The previous episodes of TECHnique have covered a variety of artistic subjects, including: Interactive PlaysArt PracticeGamingSmall BusinessTwitterBotsDeath of PaintingFuture of LoveSound Design and Dementia.

The new episode, called “Broadcasting the Arts” is primarily an interview between Fry and Franklin. Fry introduces the episode, by explaining that Martin is an artist in his own right, but also a digital person working in the cultural industries. They speak about broadcasting in the arts, where Franklin has done a lot of work, about creating archives with the Google Cultural Institute and about Franklin’s own art work.


Martin Franklin on broadcasting, archiving and art

Martin Franklin started his career as an artist and curator working at the Windsor Community Arts Centre, where he met and began to work with people who were producing and touring theatre shows. He began creating music for various means, whether for meditation, installations or even rave music. He has since gone on to work as digital lead at organisations like London Philharmonic Orchestra, The Place and South Hill Park.

During the podcast the discussion of the role of artists as curators comes up. Franklin explains that, “some artists will take a very black and white view that if you are not making then you are not doing your art – whatever that might be. But I have always thought that there is a long history of artists as catalysts and hosts of events or as connectors of people. I think that’s a very valid place to be.” He goes on to say that “some of the things that I like to do is visualising and making partnerships between people”, although he jokes that “thats a long way round of saying that I don’t get a chance to make music anymore.”

They go on to talk about a project that Martin Franklin ran at South Hill Park, called SHPLive, where he and others looked to explore “How can we turn cultural organisations into broadcasters?” They talk about how they went from “re-inventing bad television” to encouraging artists to “make work that knows that it is live but also online”.

Finally, the pair talk about the challenges of arts organisations that are working with a combination of physical photographs and the photographs created and shared on social media. Franklin explains that he worked with the Google Cultural Institute to put the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s physical photographs online and are crowdsourcing feedback to identify who is in each photograph. Yet, for him, “the challenge is working out how to manage the collection and to keep hold of this new information”.

Broadcasting the Arts Podcast

The episode is called “Episode 10 – Broadcasting the Arts” and it is available on iTunesSoundCloud and most podcasting apps. The podcast is the August 2017 episode of the monthly podcast.


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