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Thirteenth episode of TECHnique podcast focuses on Blockchain

Create Hub’s November episode of its TECHnique podcast is about Blockchain, featuring an interview with Shaun Miller about his art, portraits, entrepreneurship and Blockchain.


The November episode of Create Hub’s monthly TECHnique podcast is now out. This month’s edition features Samuel Fry who speaks to technologist and artist Shaun Miller.

TECHnique is a podcast which includes conversations with artists about how they are using technology. The previous episodes of TECHnique have covered artistic topics, including: Interactive PlaysArt PracticeGamingSmall BusinessTwitterBotsDeath of PaintingFuture of LoveSound DesignDementiaBroadcastingDigital Storytelling and Magic.

The new episode, called ‘Blockchain and Art’, is a discussion about Shaun Miller’s process of creating portraits while at school, before deciding that he didn’t have the time or motivation to create art while at university. Instead, while at university, he worked on a number of startup ideas. Now, he finds himself focused on creatively solving problems that he feels could be solved by a technology called Blockchain.


Shaun Miller on art, portraits and blockchain

While reflecting on why he stopped painting, Shaun Miller explains in the podcast that, ‘I loved the craft aspect but I wasn’t, at that time, great at the “thinking” part of it.’ He explains that he did not know what to paint, so felt that the only option was to ask others for suggestions. Yet, that process did not feel authentic or fulfilling. However, the process of learning to paint was useful for Shaun and also helped him understand and to become comfortable with himself through his teenage years.

In terms of his own startup ideas, Shaun says that ‘By common success metrics they have all been failures’ and that ‘I have definitely failed more in this career than I needed to have done, yet I still want to keep on doing that. Which is totally bonkers.’ Throughout the podcast, he and Samuel Fry share their experiences of feeling the need to keep creating and solving problems.

The pair finish the podcast by talking more specifically about the problems that could be solved by Blockchain technologies, such as access to food, drink and shelter.


Blockchain and Art Podcast

The episode is called ‘Episode 13 – Blockchain and Art’ and it is available on iTunesSoundCloud and most podcasting apps. The podcast is the November 2017 episode of the monthly podcast.

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