Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art Launched

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Award for Artists using Artificial Intelligence

On July 11th at V&A Digital Futures, The Lumen Prize announced its partnership with the British Computer Society (BCS) to present the Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art.



The BCS Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art is designed to give recognition to artists and their work who have used some form of artificial intelligence in the production of a piece of art. The award presents a cash prize of $1000 plus inclusion in the 2017 Lumen Prize global tour for the selected artist.

Technology has always been involved in the extraordinary creativity of artists – and computer technology has unleashed yet more opportunities to express feeling and reflect the human condi- tion. BCS want this award to celebrate the coming together of algorithmic processes and the artist’s creative aesthetic.



BCS Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art

BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, is delighted to inaugurate the BCS Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art; the first art award that the Institute has sponsored. The BCS is celebrating 60 years during 2017 and 2018 – enjoying the past, drawing attention to the issues of now, but also look- ing forward so all of us can make IT good for society.

Now in its 6th year, The Lumen Prize celebrates artists working with technology through an annual competition and global tour. The winner of the award will be announced alongside the recipients of the 2017 Lumen Prize on September 21 in London.



Art plays a pivotal role in what it means to be human

Brian Runciman of BCS, and one of the judges commented: “Art plays a pivotal role in what it means to be human – and our members magazine has covered the confluence of technology and art from 1968, from the creation of the BCS Computer Arts Society, to the present day. To para- phrase Brian Eno, all the things we don’t have to do can be considered art – and we want to showcase how this most human activity has been furthered by modern technology.”

Carla Rapoport, Director & Founder of The Lumen Prize commented: “It’s a great honour to be partnering with the BCS and further raising the energy and excitement around digital art.”

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