Are we experiencing the Death of Painting?

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Sixth episode of TECHnique podcast on Death of Painting

Create Hub release the final episode of their first TECHnique podcast series.

Having started the series a couple of months ago, Samuel Fry and Richard F Adams have now released their final episode of their first TECHnique podcast series.

The previous episodes covered Interactive PlaysArt PracticeGamingSmall Business and TwitterBots. This week, the episode is on the Death of Painting.

Richard F Adams introduces the episode, by claiming that at various times in history people have said that painting is dead. Despite this, painting has always continued it’s popularity. However, Adams uses this episode to explore whether the nature of painting as an art form is changing.


Alison Jardine on whether painting is dead

The episode includes an interview with multi-disciplinary artist, Alison Jardine. Jardine works with paint, concrete, found media and iPad art.

“I don’t think that artists are ever satisfied by playing by the rules”, Jardine explains, when asked whether digital technology is changing the way that art is created and perceived. “People use an app to make something that is visually pleasing to them, or displeasing. I see that as something that is very traditional, not avant-garde or new.”

Throughout the episode, the pair discuss art from cave-painting to VR. “This kind of creativity is inherent in us as a species. It takes what is around us and re-formulates it, makes new connections and this, in turn, creates new materials and pathways. It certainly isn’t originality. One thing art is not, is original.”

The episode is called “Episode 6 – Death of Painting” and it is available on iTunesSoundCloud and most podcasting apps.

The podcast is the final episode of a 6 episode series. The episodes have been released in the build up to the free TECHnique event at Google Campus London in August.

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